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Teamplifier is web-based, easy to use collaboration application that will help you improve your team performance immediately.

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Teamplifier project

Designed for Small Teams, Freelancers, Entrepreneurs and NGOs.
Teamplifier collabration

Collaborate at one place

How often you can't find something important in bunch of e-mails? With efficient history tracking system, track all conversations and changes at one place.

Teamplifier manage project

Manage projects easily

Managing projects has never been easier. Start off with new project in a few seconds, and make your team by simply dragging and dropping users to project.

Teamplifier task

Access your task quickly

You can quickly access and edit task from anywhere in application.

Why Teamplifier?

The main purpose of Teamplifier is to help you and your team get organized, using task as primary tool of interaction in delegations of duties/responsibilities, and monitoring their implementation.

This application presents collection of good practice, experience and research done in fields of collaboration softwares.

Current version includes:

  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited users
Conditions of unlimited projects and users may vary in the future.


  • Collaborate at one place!
  • Switch between projects with one click
  • Delegate tasks
  • Track task changes with powerful history feature
  • Subscribe to task and receive notifications
  • Manage people on projects with groups
  • Quick-task filter
  • Simple, easy to use interface
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